Gaia Gathering 2017

Gaia Gathering Logo 2017

Gaia Gathering 2017
May 19 – 22, 2017, Calgary, Alberta

The Canadian National Pagan Conference and the Calgary Pagan Pride Society are proud to host Gaia Gathering 2017 in Calgary, Alberta!

The Canadian National Pagan Conference (CNPC), Gaia Gathering, is held every year over the long Victoria Day weekend in May. Each year, the event is hosted by a different city, which is determined through a bid and vote process. Gaia Gathering is a place where people from across Canada and from across the spectrum of this country’s Pagan religions an come together to talk about who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we might be going as a religious community in Canada.

Gaia Gathering offers:

  • A great opportunity for Canadian Pagans, Pagan-friendly and Pagan-curious to get to know each other, network, and share information, and learn peer-to-peer from the wide experience available in Canada.
  • The possibility of meeting Pagans from paths and traditions that you may not normally be exposed to in your home community or geographic area. A chance for us to gather together to discuss issues affecting our identities as Canadian Pagans.
  • An opportunity to learn from our collective experiences with regards to legal, social, political, religious and business issues as Pagans in Canada.
  • A venue to get to know communities in Canada separated geographically, to discuss community development, and expand the ideas of pagan community in theory and practice.
    The opportunity for academics working in Pagan Studies or related disciplines to share their latest research and connect with other scholars in Canada.
  • The opportunity for community leaders in from Pagan communities across Canada to network with each other and share experiences.