Incorporated in 2013, The Calgary Pagan Pride Society is a not-for-profit organization that strives to promote awareness and understanding of the diverse community of those who identify their beliefs as Pagan.  We do this through education, special events, charity and other community activities that foster Pagan Pride in Calgary.

Calling All Volunteers, Musicians, Elders, and Vendors!!

Blessings all! This is the official call out for volunteers, entertainers, storytellers, vendors, people interested in being on a panel discussion or workshop and of course ritual teams! On September 26th we have planned an incredible event but it is going to take more than just the Calgary Pagan Pride Board of Directors to make it happen!

Volunteers – if you have one hour, four hours or the full day I have shifts available for Setting up, tearing down, hospitality, door greeters, the crafting/art’s and fun room supervisor.And of course a Food Bank Co-ordinator!

Musicians, Bards & Storytellers – we are seeking volunteers to provide entertainment. Drum circles, Wandering minstrels, tellers of tales. The event is 6 hours long – how much time would you be willing to give smile emoticon

Elders – we are seeking representatives from different paths to be represented on a panel discussion. There will be approx. 10 pre-planned questions for you to answer to help explain how our paths are different and the same! After the panel discussion we hope you would be available for a brief period of time to answer questions for those who may have a further interest in your path.

Other Workshops – We are still working on some of these but there is potentially time and space for 3 additional workshops. If you have an idea or would be willing to lead a workshop please contact me. Suggestions have included Paganism and Gardening or Healing. There is an outdoor space at the venue too smile emoticon

The Main Event – Harvest Ritual – We are currently seeking bids from all paths to lead the Harvest Ritual which will be at 16:00on the day of the event. This will be a ritual that is open to the public so please keep this in mind and expect to do a little bit of an explanation prior to the ritual start. The ritual must not exceed 1 hour in length.

Vendors – due to the availability of the New Age Market in Calgary (YAY!), we are limiting the number of vendors this year, so please submit a bid with your name, company name if applicable, what you are planning to sell and how much space you feel you need.

All those who wish to submit a bid, or to volunteer should e-mail me at volunteer[AT]calgarypaganpride.ca
Whew, this is going to be a busy and exciting event… I can’t wait to see you all there!
Event Co-ordinator


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